"if any of you send in ur pif please send us 2 member from each downline this is (week 1) 12/24/2019


Hello Team,

To help you build your downline, get you referrals and help speed up the pay lines we are going to start a weekly PIF pool. The cost is $10 weekly.

After you send in your $10 the company will upgrade a f.ree member from your downline to a paid member. If you do not have any referrals to PIF, the company will get them for you.

We currently have 200 f.ree members and we would like to get them all upgraded.

This is excellent for those that struggle to refer but do not mind contributing $10 a week to the PIF pool to build your downline.

They will focus on the Phase 2 regular forced line. They will show a next in line for all PIF members.

If you would like to take part in the PIF pool, send your $10 to one of the payment processors in the members area. If you pay by Bitcoin send the payment to this bitcoin wallet address:

PLEASE VISIT Member' area For Payment Info 

VERY IMPORTANT - Once you have made your payment please send an email to admin@Globaladvertisement.info with COUNT ME IN as the subject line and include your name and GA username in the body.

We have over 200 f.ree members so let's help them so they can help others.

Merry Christmas!