1. What is Global Advertisement   
We are team of network marketer helping people make a residual income for people working online. We have developed a unique combination of 2x1 &  2x2, Team force and Company force matrix which moves faster then any other matrix on the planet.  
2. How does it works ?  
Every member start with $20  Phase:1  matrix position which is 2x1 straight line. So every two position purchase in a system cycles 1 position. This is fastest matrix on the planet as everyone knows.
So there is two way to fill your Phase:1 matrix position, you can get 2 referrals on your own and they get placed under you or you can wait for your turn to fill by company forced placement.
Once you cycle Phase:1  matrix, you get your first payout of $20 and you are automatically upgraded to Phase:2 2x2 matrix. Check the chart on home page for details.  
3. Do I have to recruit people ?  
As we say it is a combination of Team force and Company force matrix , recruting is optional here, 
4. How can I join Global Advertisement?  
Simply click on signup link on top right menu, you only need your valid email to signup.  
5. What forms of payment do you accept?  
We accept  Bitcoin,Stp, Google-Pay, Cash-App & GenieCashBox.
6. What is the minimum required to get started?
The minimum to get started is $20
7. How much can I earn?
Your income is proportional to your efforts. You get paid once you clear the level , Please check the payout for each level on Home Page.
8. What are the withdrawal rules?
 Minimum withdrawal is $20 and no maximum limit You can have any number of withdrawals per day. 
9. Can I have more than one account?
You can create multiple accounts
10. How long do withdrawals take?
All withdrawals are instant and automatic.  
11. How long before I can start earning money?
You can start making money after once your cycle Phase:1 Matrix 
12. Do you have a refund policy?
There are no refunds.  We cannot refund money to you that has already been paid out to our members (or your uplines).
13. Who can join?
This opportunity is available world wide.
14. What if I still have a question?
Just contact us with your questions and we'll answer them.